1. Audiences around the world prefer HPS-4OOO.

2. Lowest cost DIGITAL-READY sound system. Costs less than half of comparable systems!

3. Computer designed for every theatre. No more guesswork!

4. Perfect dialog intelligibility. Lowest distortion.
THREE-way and FOUR-way loudspeakers standard!

5. Natural sound quality with both voice and music. The “honk” is gone!

6. Awesome dynamic range. Best bass in the business!

7. All Seats Hear Stereo™ with uniform tone and coverage throughout
the theatre - including theatres with stadium seating.

8. Uniform surround coverage: Typically ±1/2 dB. Exclusive speaker placement formulas!

9. Surround quality matches the screen channels. THREE-way high-output surround speakers!

10. Much less acoustic treatment required.
Savings are significant.

The HPS-4OOO® Motion Picture Sound System

Work on the HPS-4OOO® sound system began in 1979. Boston native John F. Allen was busy doing sound consulting for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, The Boston Ballet and Public Broadcasting’s WGBH. Always a music lover. Allen was extremely disappointed by the lack of quality audio found in most movie theatres. Armed with the success and experience gained in building and operating large sound systems, including those powerful enough to amplify the Boston Symphony outdoors, Allen began the research for a new high performance stereo system for motion picture theatres. In 1979, HIGH PERFORMANCE STEREO™ was founded and in 1980, the first HPS-4OOO® theatre sound system was installed.

Many things distinguished this new system from all others. First was the use of new 3-way (woofer, midrange and tweeter) fully horn loaded loudspeakers. This was a significant departure from typical 2-way vented box theatre speakers (woofer and tweeter only) and in one stroke eliminated speaker-related dialog intelligibility problems in theatre sound systems. Each of these special HPS® 3-way loudspeakers systems has an acoustic power output equal to an entire symphony orchestra. No other theatre sound system in use today can equal the large, clean, pure, full and open natural sound of these extraordinary speaker systems.

In 1984, a 4-way version of these speakers was introduced (woofer, sub-midrange, midrange and tweeter), providing even more clarity for the HPS-4OOO® sound system. John Allen also used this occasion to introduce the very first true digital sound presentations in motion picture theatres. With their unequaled dynamic range, HPS-4OOO® installations today remain the only “Digital Ready” systems available for the cinema.


Of course, there is much more to a modern movie theatre sound system than the sound from the screen. All around the audience, the all important surround speakers for the HPS-4OOO® systems are unique in providing a high quality surround sound, equaling the power and performance of one of the screen speakers. To precisely locate the surround speakers, John Allen developed the first computerized mathematical formulas successfully matching the radiating patterns of the surround speakers to the individual shape of each auditorium. For the first time, movie audiences are completely covered by a top quality surround system without the common distraction of localizing to a single speaker. This feature has never been equaled by another theatre sound system. The walls of the theatre all but disappear as involvement in the film is dramatically enhanced.

When combined with the HPS-4OOO® sound system’s enhanced coverage from the speakers behind the screen that we call All Seats Hear Stereo™, every patron is assured of the finest sound presentation possible throughout the auditorium.

Precise Sound System Designs

Every HPS-4OOO® sound system is customized. Each installation represents a carefully considered design, tailored to each theatre. To maintain maximum quality, John Allen insists on personally tuning and voicing each and every HPS-4OOO® sound system.

With the finest, most powerful speaker systems, matched by computer and tuned exactly to every theatre, the HIGH PERFORMANCE STEREO™ HPS-4OOO® sound systems may now be enjoyed in a growing number of theatres around the world. From New England to Hawaii as well as Europe to Asia and the South Pacific, audiences in HPS-4OOO® equipped theatres “Hear It All” - all the power, all the nuances and richness of modern digital soundtracks. No other motion picture sound system can offer so much pure entertainment quality. Wherever the distinctive HPS-4OOO® trademark is displayed, you can be assured of the finest sound quality available in any theatre today.